Centre For Gender Issues in Science and Technology





The Centre provides the following services among others:

  • Empowerment programmes and training workshops on gender related issues
  • Enlightenment, advocacy and social mobilization programmes
  • Capacity building workshops and seminars
  • Consulting and counselling services on moral, ethical  and related issues especially those bothering on fundamental human rights
  • Leadership, communication and related social competence skills’ development
  • Women empowerment programmes on family re-structuring     
  • Some of the statutory activities of the Centre

  • International Women’s Day
  • International Day for the Elimination of Gender Violence (16 Days of Activism)
  • Annual seminar on attitudinal changes for the prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Inter-school debate on gender issues
  • Mentoring workshop for female post-graduate students
  • Customersthe Centre’s customers include students, teaching and non-teaching staff of theUniversity, pupils and students of primary, secondary, post-secondary, tertiaryand other educational and vocational institutions, NGOs, students groups,gender focused organisations and other relevant groups in the society withsimilar vision and wishing to partner with the Centre.


    Benefits to potential sponsors/partners

    • Free advertisement and publicity of partner organization in relevant Centre publications
    • Free display of partner organization’s banners and products in the Centre
    • Fair rebate on all Centre’s programmes/trainings for the partner organization
    • Free, regular update (newsletters) on gender issues in  science and technology
    • Networking opportunities with other reputable organizations within and outside the nation